About Us

The Canuck Method is a 100% FREE automatic forex trading software that will trade on the Forex markets for you. It is a fully automated and reliable software that will place the winning trades for you to help you make huge profits in the financial market.

Our cutting-edge automatic trading software is a well-developed and optimized automatic trading system that helps both new and expert traders trade profitably. Unlike humans, our trading software is not influenced by human feelings. Thus, it’s trading decision making is completely dependent on calculations that make trading more effective.

The Canuck Method is the best automatic trading tool in the market because it monitors and trades multiple trading instruments simultaneously 24 hours a day. It can be easily customized according to your needs; you can adjust its settings or return it to manual trading whenever you need to when there is an unfavorable market condition.

With our software that is very simple and quick to set up, there is no more need to waste time spending the whole day monitoring the market yourself when you have the option of easily choosing the effective and profitable strategies of other traders, i.e., professional signal providers, so that all your trades can be easily copied automatically.

The Canuck Method has a very long record and strong credibility for autonomous and dependable signals, analytics, systems, trader’s competitions, and account functionality charts.

Our trading system allows you to recreate the methodologies of the best earning and experienced traders in your account. It is created in a manner that guarantees an error-free and consistent trade duplication.

Benefits & Features Of The Canuck Method